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So you already know the significance of thread-count, weight, size, and material

quality when it comes to choosing the best bedding, linens, and other items. You know the importance of caring for and how to care for your household cloth items. And you especially know what your preferences are with regards to bedding, linens, and other home decorating delights. However, you might like to know the whys and the what ifs behind the colors you choose for such items. If so, read on.

The colors you choose to use in your bedding, linens, and other personal items can have a certain psychological effect on you. You can, for example, be sedated by pink, calmed by blue, or empowered and impassioned by red. Similarly, if you stick with the traditional white sheets, like the white of a wedding gown or lab coat, they will usually (according to color researchers, that is) represent purity, cleanness, innocence, and sterile authenticity. If you go with yellow, choose carefully: bright yellow is obnoxious and agitating, the very reason some 24-hour stores use those harsh yellow lights outside--to repel loiterers. (But maybe you want that so you don't sleep all day?)

In the same respect, bedding, linens, nightwear and most clothing in general that is black is edgy, autonomous, and controversial. So you are a Beat poet? A person of power and confidence? Oh, well, then, go for it. Or go for the healing characteristics of blue, the blue which is in every therapist's office I've been in and the blue which is also a great appetite suppressant. So with blue sheets keeping you from overeating and black clothing, which we all know is often worn for its slimming qualities, you will be extremely made over for under a hundred bucks, eh? Well, sort of.

While color has impressive powers to stimulate or discourage, to de-stress or discourage, it also has a lot to do with what you prefer. If you want hot neon pink for your bedding, linen, and wallpaper, then get it. Just be forewarned that I have no idea what hot pink will do to you besides sap your energy while it at the same time keeps you up all night. Just a guess, there, anyway.

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